In addition to our forum wide policies, the following rules have been drafted and will be enforced by moderators and administrators.

The For Sale section is provided for the benefit of individual members to buy and sell items, not for businesses to make money.
Businesses are not allowed to use the For Sale section unless they have Trader status. PM mods/admin for details.

1. You cannot charge VAT on top of an already stated price, charging VAT would imply that you are a business and thread will be removed.

2. You cannot sell something you do not have in your immediate possession. That means you cannot sell items on behalf of other people. Get your friends to sign up themselves if they wish to sell items on this forum

3. We do not allow adverts for any of the following :
Goods that may infringe copyright
Sale of items that you have obtained for free ie PAYG SIM cards unless you are only asking to cover postage costs

4. A sale thread’s initial post must state a firm asking price. Of course you can haggle, but an initial price must be stated. A post simply asking for offers or conducting a PM auction is not allowed. A price must be stated in initial post.

5. Leave an email address for contacting.

6. The thread CANNOT be a link to an Ebay auction (or any similar off-site auction), or a jump page that leads to an Ebay auction or another advert for your item. The CTROF Classifieds space is not meant to be used to gather attention to a potential bidding war. Advertising Ebay item numbers or other methods of identifying online auctions of items are also prohibited.

7. “Thread crapping” will not be tolerated. If you do not intend to buy and have nothing positive to add to the sale, refrain from posting in the thread. This includes stating “the price is too high”, if you think the price is too high, inform seller via the PM service or an E-MAIL. If you think your post may be in any way interpreted as being “thread crapping” then take the safer route and send your message via PM or E-MAIL to the seller.

8. Most importantly, buyer and seller beware.

9. Do not bump more than once every 2 or 3 days….pick your time wisely.

10. Once a sale has been agreed it is the sellers duty to finalise the deal to enable feedback for both parties.


These rules can and will be modified at anytime, offenders who say “oh but i didn’t know” will not be immune to these rules. As a user of this forum it is your responsibility to know the rules and abide by them, or you simply will not be allowed to participate. Use of CTRO Forums is a privilege granted to users by forum moderators.

One more thing. Since it is physically impossible for us to be here all the time, you can help me out. If you see a post that violates one or more of the above rules, please click the “Report this post to a moderator.” Posts that violates the above rules the post will be deleted without notice. Multiple violations can lead to banning.

Make sure to get all the persons info your trading from , name , phone number , address , call them and verify things. Have them call you to verify on caller id , Ship with verifications and signatures needed , keep an open line of communication. Don’t trade/sell something and become unavailable. Don’t use or trust yahoo/hotmail/freebie mails. Make sure its their isp email , ask them to email you from and for them to even verify a code sent to them via there email so you know theirs is real is well.

** WAYS To Prevent getting ripped off. **
Do not buy from new users.
Do not buy from users with just a few posts.
Do not buy from someone without going back and reading some of there previous sales or feedbacks. Ask for proof of good feedback from the forum.

Get all details , phone number , name & address , confirm it. Call them or have them call you. Get an email from them.

Ask for any sort of credentials. Links to an ebay account for feedback. Verify the same email address.

After you buy from a user.
Go back to there thread , give a detail of the transaction. If its a Good , neutral or Bad Experience.

If anyone has any suggestions for the Classifieds section, feel free to PM the Moderators.

Thanks in advance,