Business trading name: Greenlight Insurance Services LTD
Address: Jubilee House, 3 The Drive, Warley, Brentwood, CM13 3FR
Telephone Number: Work Direct : 01277 376 000
Fax Number: 01277 280 465
Web address:
Email address: [email protected]
Name(s) of owners/ directors: Neil Fehily and Antony Fehil
Contact name: Neil Fehily
Years in business: Est. 1996

Greenlight Insurance Coverage Details.

We are pleased to confirm that Greenlight insurance are offering members a 10% -20% discount off of any insurance product for CivicType-R Forum members. I personally joined the forum in 2005 when I bought my own Honda Civic Type R.

We can offer cover for both modified and standard vehicles. Agreed Value and Track Day cover policies are also available.

If you can limit your mileage to below 7500 we can also offer large discounts.

We can cover JDM models as well like the DC5 and FD2 models.

Why not give us a call on 01277 650866 or complete a website application at to see how competitive we may be.

If you wanted to PM me your contact number and desired time I can also do a call back quotation. I used to have a modified EP3 Premier Type R so I know what modifications people do and how why.

****For More information on Greenlight Insurance and what we offer Please read Below****

Why try Greenlight to Insure my Honda Civic
As a business we are genuinely different to most mainstream providers. Our staff and senior management are vehicle enthusiasts who own and run the types of cars that our customers drive, which helps to ensure we maintain a level of understanding beyond most everyday Insurance providers.

We were established as a genuine specialist vehicle Insurance provider and have a strong level of technical knowledge in respect of performance, modified, custom, classic and kit built vehicles.

We have been trading in the performance car industry since 1996

What if my Car is modified?
Modifications are not a problem to us and will be covered under our modified car Insurance products upon a like for like replacement basis in the event of damage or theft.

Unlike most Insurance providers, a good proportion of our staff own and run the type of cars that we cover, meaning we have a decent understanding of the mentality and positive care of car that comes from people that take pride in the vehicle they drive.

For this very reason we particularly like to cover modified vehicle drivers, as our view is very much that if you are spending money to improve your vehicle it demonstrates that you keep your vehicle in good order and clearly care for your vehicle.

You CAN disclose all modifications and we can accommodate just about any enhancement (up to and including full roll cages and nitrous oxide).

Our underwriters offer ‘like for like’ replacement of modified parts for repairable instances and where possible, or an equivalent substitute part will be offered.

What cover features are available
Under comprehensive cover contracts we can offer the traditional cover levels that you are accustomed to, which includes features such as windscreen cover, audio cover, free European cover, legal expenses cover, no claims bonus protection, a courtesy car from the approved repairer network whilst your vehicle is in for repair and a repair guarantee for the work undertaken by them.

In addition to the traditional cover, several of our Underwriters offer additional features and if any of these are useful to you our staff will be able to explain them in further detail to you:

Trackday cover – provides cover to your vehicle for accident damage sustained as a result of using your vehicle upon a UK race track. This cover is available under some of our annual Insurance schemes as a pay per event option for customers that are covered with us.

Like for Like replacement of modified parts –
individual after market Modifications that are are declared under our polcies will be replaced upon a like for like basis in the event of a repair. In the event of a total loss incident the vehicle will be valued by an independent engineer taking into account the modifications when calculating the total loss value offered.

Guaranteed total loss car hire – This is a policy cover option to keep you on the road in the event that your vehicle is stolen or written off as a result of an Insured incident. The hire car would be provided for up to 14 days.

Key cover – This optional feature is available to cover the cost of replacing your coded keys and locks in the event that your keys are lost or stolen, up to a cost of £1500. The cover can also extend to cover keys to your home in the event that your household keys are attached to the unique keyring provided.

Agreed Value – On highly modified vehicles we are able to offer Agreed Value polices. You will need to provide 6 photographs (front, back, left, right interior and engine bay) along with an estimate of the total modifications spend. We will then confirm a figure that we are prepared to Agree the Value at.

Should you decide to accept the policy on this basis you then know the exact amount you would receive in the event of a total loss claim.

Basic acceptance criteria
Due to the type of vehicles we cover under our preferentially rated schemes being primarily performance or modified vehicles there are some acceptance requirements to qualify for these schemes. The underwriters require all drivers to:

1) Be aged 21 or over for FN2 and EK9 models. 23 is the minimum age for EP3 models if you under 23 on an EP3 but have owned the car for a year, do less than 5k miles and have 3yrs NCB or more then we may be able to quote)

2) Have held a full UK license for at least 2 years

3) Have 1 years no claims bonus (NCB). Company Car, Commercial Vehicle, second car and Motor trade NCB are also all acceptable as well.

4) Some High performance models for younger drivers may require proven driving experience of a similar performance car, owned and Insured in your name within the last 12 months

5) There are some postcode sectors that due to our previous bad claims experience we are no longer able to cover. In the event we cannot cover your postcode sector we will try and recommend an alternative supplier.

Do you cover other models?
We are primarily here to cover performance we do have schemes available to cover an array of other performance car models for members if required to do so.

You can apply either online, or via the telephone depending upon your own personal preference. You Can also request a call back for a quote via our webiste by completing a simple form

Applications can be handled online and to find out more about us or to apply for a free quotation simply visit

Alternatively, we are happy to help via our dedicated telephone team, who can be reached on 01277 650866.

Thanks for listening and we look forward to hearing from you.

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to send me a PM or call the office for an immediate response

Kind regards

Greenlight Insurance

Ps. A big thanks to those of you that have experienced our service, used us in the past and commented positively


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