Actual business name: ABP Motorsport LTD
Business trading name: ABP Motorsport
Address: 416 Newcastle Road, Shavington, Crewe, Cheshire, CW2 5EB
Telephone Number: 01270 567177
Fax Number: 01270 567177
Web address:
Email address: [email protected] or [email protected]
Name(s) of owners / directors: Chris Meredith & John Parton
Contact name: Chris Meredith
Years in business: 43

ABP Motorsport


ABP’s Fully equipped modern workshop allows us to carry out a full range of servicing, maintenance & performance modifications all in-house. Staffed by fully qualified & enthusiastic technicians who are trained to the highest standards, we are able to skillfully fit, set-up, tune and optimise any modifications to get the best out of your car – This is our passion!
From regular servicing, performance tuning & chassis development to full-on track day preparation & engine re-builds we can offer the complete service.


All of ABP’s technicians & road testers are qualified Advanced Drivers. ABP’s workshop also carries Trading Standards Approval.


ABP offer a full servicing & maintenance service to our customers. We service all cars to exact manufacturer specifications (therefore maintaining the manufacturers warranty) using genuine manufacturers or upgraded parts. The advantages you will receive with the ABP service over the dealers service are enthusiastic staff, competitive labour rates, guaranteed level of personal service and no problems with modified or imported vehicles.

Examples of Honda Civic Type ‘R’ servicing costs
12,500 Miles, 12 month service Labour ………… £55.00 + parts
25,000 Miles, 24 month service Labour ………… £100.00 + parts
37,500 Miles, 36 month service Labour ………… £75.00 + parts
50,000 Miles, 48 month service Labour ………… £100.00 + parts
75,000 Miles, 72 month service Labour ………… £125.00 + parts

Here at ABP we can usually save you considerable amounts on manufacturers spec servicing. On a recent survey we found the savings to be upto 75% on identical services!


ABP can provide various levels of suspension tuning for all vehicles. We offer a full fitting service on over six manufacturers lowering spring options, numerous sports shock absorbers & many complete adjustable and non adjustable full suspension kits.


Most modern cars have fully adjustable wheel alignment, castor adjustment & camber adjustment for both front & rear. Manufacturers geometry specifications give very generious tolerances which can lead to poor handling, excessive tyre wear & vague steering feel. ABP can ‘Blue Print’ your suspension geometry settings allowing you to benefit from maximum steering response and grip along with improved tyre life. We have fully calibrated 4 wheel alignment equipment and are able to optimise the geometry settings on your car. Please phone for exact prices on your car & feel the difference immediately.

Basic front wheel alignment check & adjust …………………………………… £35.00
Four wheel alignment check & adjust ……………………………………. from £50.00
Subaru Impreza Turbo & Mitsubishi EVO 5, 6, 7 & 8
Reset front & rear wheel alignment & camber angles to fast road spec . £125.00
Lotus Elise, Honda S2000, Porsche Boxster
Reset front & rear wheel alignment & camber angles to exact spec …… £150.00


ABP specialise in the Honda Civic Type R and this experience allows us to offer something a little bit special.

Even if your civic type R is within Honda’s tolerance range you can still experience poor handling, excessive tyre wear and vague steering. We have found the majority of civic type R that we have checked in our workshop to be on the outside tolerance limits.

Most modern cars have fully adjustable wheel alignment, castor adjustment & camber adjustment both front & rear, unfortunately the civic type R is not one of these!

Here ABP at we have developed a way of adjusting the civic type R camber angles to vastly improve the handling, turn-in, general feel and overall performance. We can set your civic type R to exact Honda specification (something the dealers cannot do due to the camber being non adjustable) Or to our own fast road developed ABP specification making the car much better!

To check and Reset front and rear wheel alignment and front & rear camber settings to either exact Honda spec or ABP fast road spec (including front camber adjuster bolts) ………………………………….. £155.00 Inc parts & labour

Lowered cars will require adjustable rear camber arms fitting (to enable camber to be adjusted to any specification.) ……. £120.00 Pair.



Prices do not allow for seized, broken or damaged components on your car

Sports exhaust fitted from £50.00
Brake discs and pads fitted from £75.00
Brake conversion kits fitted from £100.00
Lowering spring kits fitted from £95.00
Rear suspension (Torsion bars) lowered from £100.00
Air filters fitted from £50.00
MOT test £49.00
Brake fluid change £50.00
Chip upgrades fitted from £45.00
Wheel alignment checks from £35.00
Fuel injection fault diagnosis checks from £75.00

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