Ben (gobbledygook)

Time owned?
Since bought new in April 2003.

Why did you choose a Type R?
I tested all the good hot hatches that were available in 2003 and the CTR put the biggest smile on my face. Bullet proof reliability was important to me, so a Honda was an obvious choice. The CTR was cheaper than anything faster and faster than anything cheaper, so I was getting value for money. But the car I was after didn't just have to be quick; it had to be fun too. The high revving engine and vtec kick together with really sharp handling just made it the most fun car to drive that I could afford.

Tell us about your modifications?
Before I started modding the car, I knew it had to be a compromise, so while people might think I should have done this, that or the other, my aim was for a car that was happy on the road, fun on the track and half decent on the drag strip, but kept luxuries like air con and could fit a weekends camping gear or a full tesco trolley of shopping in the boot. I also wanted to do as much work as possible myself, as that's half the fun as far as I am concerned.
My first mod was a crappy plastic battery cover. I don’t remember why I fitted it, but I still have it on today! Not a very promising start, but I quickly moved on from there. I spent a bit of time running naturally aspirated with a Mugen airbox and exhaust, but then decided more power was needed quickly, so I fitted a Wizards of Nos dry nitrous kit.
Eventually even this became a bit dull and I accidentally bought a Jackson Racing supercharger on eBay, which together with the nitrous gave me 350bhp. I stuck with that for a while before turning to a major project of rebuilding and forging an engine to make it suitable for a big power Rotrex supercharger setup.

Do you have any future plans for the car?
There’s still a bit of fine tuning to be done. With a few relatively simple mods under the bonnet I should be able to free up a bit more power, I might even break the 500bhp mark. The suspension setup also needs to be tuned. I’ll be playing with different ARB and toe settings to get the handling how I like it over the next couple of years. Other than that, and fixing anything that breaks, it’s finished, unless I get bored and decide to swap the charger for a big turbo one day……

Spec list 

Engine –
Rotrex C30-94 top mounted Supercharger with customised TTS Performance mounting kit and inlet manifold.
Darton MID cylinder sleeves – Engine capacity 2.14 litres.
CP 89mm x-forged custom pistons.
Manley turbo-tuff con rods.
Cometic headgasket.
Brian Crower FI cams.
Brian Crower valves, valve springs, seats and retainers. 
ACL Race bearings.
ARP head studs.
Baffled Sump.
PWR charge cooler, header tank and pump.
Radtec charge cooler pre-rad.
Koyo alloy radiator.
Custom boost pipework.
Modified Honda fuel rail.
MSD 3-Bar MAP Sensor.
Speedflow fuel lines, Walbro + Bosch fuel pumps.
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter.
Speedflow thermostatically controlled oil cooler.
Mugen exhaust.
Heat wrapped Jackson Racing manifold.
CPL Racing sports cat.
Acura RSX Hondata Kpro ECU. http://www.renaissance-hc.com/finance.html
ECU controlled Wizards Of Nos 50bhp dry nitrous kit.
CPL Racing bottle heater.
Zex Nitrous bottle opener.
Denso Iridium spark plugs.
Honda wideband O2 sensor.
PLX wideband O2 sensor
TPW earthing kit.
Clutchmasters FX300 (Stage III) carbon/kevlar clutch
Clutchmasters billet aluminium 3.4kg flywheel (6.3kg stock)
Quaife Limited Slip Differential (LSD).
Uprated drive shafts
Stoptech front big brake kit.
Rotora Rear disks.
Ferodo DS2500 brake pads.
Ingalls torque damper.
ES engine mounts.
Oil catch can
Etech front strut brace and custom lower rear strut brace
RC 1000cc Injectors with Honda resistor box
Pipercross air filter
Max power output 494bhp

Chassis – 
Tein superstreets with top mounts and EDFC
SPC rear camber adjusters and front camber bolts
Lowered 10mm with a custom fast road geometry setup

Exterior –
Mugen grill.
Mugen splitter.
Type-R brake light cover and battery cover.
Facelift Civic Type-R lights with HID main and dip bulbs.

Interior –
Autometer nitrous pressure, oil pressure and oil temp gauges.
Mugen sill covers.
Honda Sat Nav
Honda multichanger
Lots of extra switches……..

Some pics


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