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CPL Racing are a highly experienced performance tuning company offering a variety of specialist services including:

• Dynomometer tuning
• Road and race engine preparation
• ECU mapping
• Fitting of performance parts
• Nitrous oxide fitting and dyno setup
• Supercharging
• Turbocharging

In addition CPL are able to supply an extensive range of performance parts from many well known suppliers. We also offer our own range of quality products which we have designed, manufactured and tested to a high specification in house.

CPL Racing
Units 3 & 4, Regis Industrial Estate
Dorset Road
Sheerness, Kent, England
ME12 1LY

Telephone: (01795) 668778 or from Overseas +44 1795 668778
Email: [email protected]

Web: http://www.cplracing.co.uk