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Author: evilowl

As we seem to have lots of people moaning about squeaky brakes, the normal cause is incorrectly bedding them in after fitting. This must be followed to get the best life, the best performance and least squeal from your new pads.

As soon as they have been fitted go and find some quiet country lanes, you don’t want to be doing brake tests with other traffic about.

To achieve optimum performance from Ferodo Racing brake pads please follow the instructions below:

1) Perform 25 to 30 trial brake applications, each of approximately 4 seconds, using around 50% of normal race pedal pressure. To shorten the procedure applications can be made along the straights as well as through bends.

2) On completion of trial applications return to the pit lane. Inspect the surface of the brake pads from the two wheels which have been working the hardest. There should be evidence of contact over the full pad area but without glazing. The pads are now ready to race.

Whilst we recommend that pads are inspected, if time does not allow this, assuming procedure (1) has been carried out and a short period of time has elapsed to allow the brake system to cool, the pads will be ready to race.

IMPORTANT: to optimize the performance and life of both brake pads and discs, during the bedding-in period heat in the braking system should be built up progressively.

PAD WEAR INSPECTION: brake pads must have at least 2mm of friction material. Excessively worn brake pads must be replaced.

THERMAL PAINT TEMPERATURE CHECK; Where this procedure is used and braking performance is not considered satisfactory: if none of the 3 paints has changed appearance it may be necessary to reduce cooling to the discs. If all 3 paints have changed appearance, it may be necessary to increase cooling to the discs.

As these are instructions for bedding them in on a racetrack, on the road build your speed up to around 50 or 60 mph and (check your mirrors first obviously) gently apply the brakes for around 4 seconds instead. Get the car back up to 50 or 60 and do it again, and keep doing it until you get through all 25 or 30 cycles. Remember it’s not rapid acceleration and deceleration you need, just build heat into the brakes steadily. Park up for a bit and let them cool down for 10 minutes, Then you can go out and give them a good hammering :thumbup: