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Author: JonC 

Hi, Here comes a description of how to remove the door cards of our cars !
Read and follow step by step then everything will work without damaging the
door card, Good Luck everybody !

A: Behind the “handle” here you will find a small hole in which you put a small screwdriver or something else and push inwards, this will result in the “silver” part of your handle will pop out. Behind this you will find a couple of screws….it is only the top one you need to loosen.

B: At the point of the arrow you can very carefully pry open this whole panel with a flatface screwdriver, behind this you will also find a number of screws….only loosen the one at the far left. Now the door is free from the screwing part….;-)

C: Where the C-arrow points you will find an opening in the plastic….this is where you use a flatface screwdriver to carefully pull outwards (towards you ) which will make the doorcard pop out piece by piece…then just follow the edge of the card around so you can feel that the card loosens totally from the door.

Now comes the tricky part, take the card and pull it upwards along the thick arrow at the top…when you feel that the card has let go from the “lockpin” you carefully pull it away from the a-pillar, this will loosen the card even more from the door. Now the only thing left to do is disconnect the card from the door ( the electricwindows and the “dooropener” ) by pulling easily at the connections.

Now you should have your doorcard in your hand, hopefully !