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As there seems to be a few problems recently with people having issues I thought I would write a quick guide

When you purchase a second hand KPro, the seller will normally upload a map with the immobiliser disabled. This will allow you to plug in the ECU and drive the car as is. You will get the immobiliser key blinking green on the dashboard to tell you it’s disabled. All the time it’s blinking, your insurance is null and void if the car is stolen so you will want to take the car to a Honda dealer so they can recode the immobiliser in the ECU.

Checklist of stuff to take with you:

    1. KPro if not already fitted to the car
    2. Laptop with the latest version of KManager downloaded from here
    3. USB cable for connecting laptop to KPro
    4. Both sets of car keys
    5. Toolkit if you intend to fit the KPro yourself

To remove the existing ECU and fit the KPro follow the instructions on the Hondata site – basically drop the glovebox and use a 10mm socket set to remove the ECU and cover, carefully unclip the 3 connectors on the ECU


The map you choose will depend what mods you’re running but I’ll assume it’s a reasonable intake*/exhaust** so I will base this on the k20a2-rsx-coldair map but if not, just choose one of the Euro K20A2 maps and skip the bit about changing the ECU type, or choose a map more suitable for your mods.

When you get to the Honda dealer, you’ll need a laptop running KManager software from the hondata website.

**NB – once you have performed the following steps, the car won’t start, so make sure the car is parked where the Honda dealer wants to work on it first (i.e. their workshop/service area)**

Open KManager on your laptop and select file>open. You’ll get the list of maps that come with the software preloaded. Right click k20a2-rsx-coldair and select “open with” and choose notepad

Change the ECU type from 3 to 2 and click file>save in notepad

Now you can open that map in KManager. From the top menu select Parameters>misc. Here you can enable the immobiliser. Then select Knock/TPS and ensure the knock sensor box is ticked, and also tick the lower box for flashing MIL when knock is detected.

Now save the map by clicking file>save as and choosing a new name for the map (e.g k20a2-rsx-coldair-immob) . You can’t overwrite the existing one.

Plug the USB lead from the ECU into the laptop and put the keys in the ignition, and switch the ignition on (but don’t start the car). If you haven’t ever connected the laptop to the ECU before the laptop will recognise the ECU and will ask for drivers. Choose to install the drivers manually and point the installation directory to the KManager folder (ie c:\program files\kmanager ) and click ok. It will then find the drivers and give you a warning that the drivers aren’t digitally signed but click continue anyway.

When that’s finished, in KManager click Online>Upload. It will take around 60 seconds to upload the map and you will hear a click from the ignition when it resets itself.

Now the Honda dealer can get to work coding the immobiliser. It should only take 20-30 minutes so you should be charged for a maximum of half an hour’s labour at the dealers normal rates plus VAT.

*Reasonable intake = GruppeM, AEM CAI etc
**Reasonable exhaust = decent catback – i.e. Spoon N1, Toda etc