CTR Buyers Guide – what should I look out for?

This is a guide intended for new owners that are shopping for a CTR and frequently ask on the forums what are the things to look out for in terms of common faults.

It should be noted that the Honda build quality is generally pretty good overall, and you will always hear people moaning on the forums about this / that or the other, and think that all cars out of the factory suffer from the same fault when in fact the majority of owners are generally pleased with their cars and so don't sign up to the forums to moan about them

Steering Rack

This was the one of the most common and costly issues. There is a huge thread here
The most common way to spot this is to centre the steering wheel and let go, it will pull to the right more often than not if it hasn't been replaced under warranty.

2nd Gear

The next most common issue is the 2nd gear crunching. This is very common, especially when the car is cold. To spot this, you would need to make sure the car hasn't been warmed up when you get there. If it has, you won't notice the problem so much until you have bought it and start up the next day!
See this thread for more info

Idle Control Valve

This is also a known issue. Once the car is warmed up, it feels like it will want to stall all the time. It normally just needs adjusting, any local garage / specialist will be able to fix this.

Driveshaft Heatshield

The heatshield rattle can be annoying if you experience it. There is no definitive fix, either tighten the bolts or do what others have and remove it.

Corroding Alloys

Almost all of the alloys will corrode at some point. If you have a Honda warranty, get them replaced. The paint lacquer will start to peel off, the alloys from Honda cost around £250 each!

Noisy Valves (Tappets) http://www.bucks-county-realtor.com

You may hear a tappety sound, more prevalent when the car is cold but also heard once it is warmed up. The valve clearances should be checked every 2 years or 25,000 miles as part of your service, and adjusted if required.

Rocker Cover Paint

Under the bonnet, the Rocker Cover may have paint flaking away. It's nothing to worry about, just makes the engine bay look untidy!

Door Handles

The interior door handles often lose paint (the silver handle and surround on the inside). Again, this is a known issue and can be rectified with some vauxhall silver paint from your local Halfords

Alarm going off

There is also a known issue with the alarm constantly sounding. This is when water seeks it's way through the ariel and allows moisture in. Take the car back into the dealer and get them to sort it out of you have a warranty.
If no warranty, still take it to a dealer!

Window Rattle

Nothing you can do about this one. When driving with the window a little way down, it will rattle and annoy you

Faulty headlight adjuster motor

The motor in the self levelling headlights can sometimes fail. You will hear an odd noise from the front of the car when you start it up, as the motor starts to adjust the lights when you turn the key in the ignition

Cam cover rattle

Remove the cam cover and fit rubber washes underneath, then refit the cam cover.

Feathering on the rear tyres

If you notice the rear tyres becoming unevenly worn (also known as feathering) the suspension could well be out of alignment