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Bhp or Beefy Sounds...
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By ABOO123
Howdy all,
Only had my Premier a couple of weeks!! Absolutely loving it, but am requiring a new b-pipe as mine is shot close to join with backbox. So taking the opportunity to replace it with a Sportex version.
Just wondering if anyone has Honda part numbers for the 5 x bolts and gaskets I’m going need to order too.
Cheers in advance, Kev :-) :-)
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By 15repyt
Don't bother with Honda parts mate very expensive. The chances are the cat studs will be rotten and nothing left of them. Just get the garage to knock the studs out and nut and bolt them.

As for the mid section to rear and motor factors will sell the springs nuts and bolts much cheaper. There will be no diffence apart from price.
FK8 Fog light protectors

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