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By CTR2707
I have buy Ep3 with 140k miles, the 3gear scratch at hight rpm.
Do i need to change just the synchros or its more than that and it needs a rebuild?

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By Lewisgame
Check the clutch first. If the biting point is really low then the clutch is faulty and not disengaging correctly.
Also check gear oil. This should be changed regularly and it’s best to use Honda MTF3 on a standard gearbox.
If the clutch is good and fresh gearbox oil hasn’t helped then you’ll need to strip the box to check what you need. Could be just the synchro but it could of also damaged 3rd gear itself if it’s been going on for some time.

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By CTR2707
I have made my self the oil change from the gearbox and i have used MTF i also put a additive but the scratch still there.

The clutch is hard and really short but they tell me it is a Pedals and thats normal..

Do you know the costs if it is more then the synchros?

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By Lewisgame
Clutch shouldn’t be hard and short which says to me your clutch isn’t disengaging correctly causing the issue.
It’s not going to be a cheap repair. A clutch change alone ranges from £300-400. Add in repair to the gearbox you’ll be well over £500

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