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Last years installment of the Euro Tour!
 #1633994  by evilowl
 Sat Jul 07, 2007 7:26 pm
Just got back in so wanted to say a big thanks to Dave for a superb effort in organising everything this week, it's been great despite a few long days driving. Cheers mate :thumbup:

Also thanks to everyone else for making it a great laugh :WOOT
 #1634131  by seano
 Sun Jul 08, 2007 12:08 am
Seconded on that one Ross. Superb trip and great fun to meet so many like minded alcoholics. It was great fun and I appreciate how much effort goes into organising such a large event.

I'm knackered now, but it really was unforgetable! from Monaco to snowball fights at 8000 feet :-D


I will never forget Ant conversing in Wiganese with a party of bemused Austrian Wedding guests and I suspect nor will they. We certainly made the Hills and Tunnels alive with the sounds of Honda :twisted:
 #1634387  by Cat
 Sun Jul 08, 2007 2:32 pm
Yup, big thanks to Dave for all the organising. Top hotels at Dijon, Eisbee and the quirky one we stayed at on the last night. It was a great experience and definitely helped me overcome any fears I had about driving on the right and overtaking! At times I felt it was a bit of an endurance test (esp the night I arrived at 10.30pm!) but now I'm back home I just want to be back driving round Europe.

My one small criticism is that I felt some of the routes were inaccurately timed. After taking into account keeping the group together, getting lost :lol: , petrol/toilet/photo stops, slow traffic and poor weather conditions the length of time driving would increase considerably. Unfortunately I wasn't willing to set off at 5am to reach my destination. :wink:
Apart from that I had a fantastic time!

Thanks for the loan of the walkie talkie too Dave (still got it but I'll get it back to you at some point). I'd highly recommend these for anyone planning next years tour. Apart from helping keep in touch they were brilliant fun to get a bit of banter going.

Also thanks to the NW crew for letting me tag along with them for a day. Even though I did end up getting lost in Nice at the end. :oops:

Cheers to Mike and Sarah, Matt and Dean my walkie talkie buddies :thumbup: Also to them , Nick and Leanne, for some spirited driving for a few days :twisted:

Charlotte, Simon, Mark, Liz, Stu and Jason ... it was a pleasure (and a relief!!!) to drive with you and have a couple of chilled days with shorter routes planned. Also some interesting walkie talkie convos to listen in to as well. :-D

Thanks to Sean for the B&B on the way down and back. Much appreciated! :thumbup:

Was also grateful to have Mossy as my co-pilot as I went round the ring. Even if I was to busy laughing and screeching my tyres to listen very well. :WOOT

All in all thanks to everyone who went. I was made very welcome by whoever I spoke to and even though I was on my own I never felt alone for the whole week. :cool:

Think that's all my thankyous now but if I missed anyone apologies. I feel like I'm an engine running on fumes at the mo ... time for a catnap.

 #1634836  by mossta
 Sun Jul 08, 2007 10:30 pm

Thanks to Dave & Ross for the revised routes.

& to Dave for the itinery files - other than a minor hiccup Baden/Baden they were spot on (even though we had different maps, which suggested different routes at time, we all made it... eventually).

& thanks to everyone else for making it an enjoyable trip