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Last years installment of the Euro Tour!
Apparently they have banned speed camera poi's on your sat nav, even if they are for another country, Can you rename them to something else such as money generators, banks etc ?
I have been in contact with a swiss moderator off a Swiss Honda forum asking him questions about this,
I suggest you delete your POI's before we cross into Switzerland and put them back on in Germany ... rland.html
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By evilowl
Or just put your satnav in the boot and use a map

Or take two SD cards and swap them over

Stupid if you ask me. Makes the Swiss look like they are just out to make money from their speed cameras
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By kickboxing boo
or take along a busty blonde (local) remember the original gumball video the 2 chicks in the lambo with the spandex suits !! :wink:
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By mossta
Just like last year when we used the GPS to ensure that no one got any flashes from the speed cameras in bordeaux... koblenz... everywhere else...

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