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Last years installment of the Euro Tour!
 #1349782  by Superbully
 Mon Oct 02, 2006 11:28 pm
As you can see, we are getting the ball rolling for CTRO side of the HET2007.

The main announcement post will be kept for Dave and further announcements regarding the tour and in the future the list of definate attendees will be shown here.

Just for clarity, Dave is one of the main organisers. I will just be helping out on here as needs be.

In the near future I will try and get a FAQ in the section, based on what got asked allot last time. That should help out with what people commonly want to know (what to take? gets asked allot).

This is one event you don't want to miss out on - as people that have been on a previous tour will well testify!! If you have bought a CTR then it's a fair assumption that you going to be quite passionate about driving. If so, then this is one driving holiday that will truly fulfill those passions!
Get yer ass on the tour! :twisted:

Some pics from last tour: ... p?t=103476

Some vids from last year: ... hlight=het