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By Mark
Anyone else watching?
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By smartie
I have the first series(12 episodes) to watch but have not started it yet. :smile:
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By aleung2
Me, loving it. A bit like 24, which was one the best things to ever grace a TV screen, but with more nakedness and sex.
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By bretty1984
im loving this at the moment. Really enjoying it. The characters are great and the pace that the show is moving is perfect.
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By Ali
Watching and enjoying but wish it'd pick up the pace.
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By Mark83
Ali wrote:Watching and enjoying but wish it'd pick up the pace.
What he said.
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By plasmaman
First episode had promise but bored with it. If it had been 5-6 episodes and an ending might have enjoyed it but knowing its being dragged out over 12 plus a possible 5 series is just too much.

His misses is fit a f o ok though.
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By smartie
Pretty much the nature of american series, drag it on as long as humanly possible and then drag it on longer in the case of some (not looking at you Lost). :smile:
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By Stevo M81
Heard people in work saying it was good, but what is it about is it like another 24 series or something along those lines.
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By Mark
Its basically about an American POW, who is suspected of been 'turned' by his captures.
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By nige t
Seen the first three episodes so far,really enjoying it,roll on sunday :smile:
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By J4Y
just finished watching the sopranos so might move onto thise but i must keep telling myself not to compare the two it wont be fair on homeland.
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The blonde girl that was pumping the sheikh was ace, nice titties too. :smile:
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By Ali
DM wrote:The blonde girl that was pumping the sheikh was ace, nice titties too. :smile:
Yes, so annoying when the buggers got rid of her. :bad-words:
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By DaveC118
A mate at work has seen them all. Says its very slow until that last 2 episode when its gets very good.
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