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Rediscovering my love of Ska:

- Mad Caddies - Duck and Cover
- Less Than Jake - Hello Rockview/Losing Streak
- [Spunge] - The Story So Far
- Reel Big Fish - Turn The Radio Off
- Dispatch - Bang Bang & Who Are We Living For?
- Sublime - 40oz to Freedom
Found an old Frakie Goes to Hollywood Album and a Tpau one over weekend.Chucked them on the ipod while I chopped some wood yesterday.Helped the time pass!!!!
dean71 wrote:dubstep 2,magneticman and biffy clyro are my main tunes in the car :thumbup:
Nice choice mine is then same except magneticman and add a bit of rnb :thumbup:
Loving dubstep at the moment, in for the kill
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