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BTCC, 4 wheels? 2 Wheels? On Water? How are the Honda teams doing?
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By Mart
Awaits a resurgence from the anti brigade to use the 2 deaths so far this year to ban it
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By evanson16
The 65 year old bloke that died is from my area and infact he was meant to be repairing the body work on my EP3 [DISAPPOINTED FACE]. Shame that his life was taken but i suppose it happend when he was doing something that he enjoyed.
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By Certi
Fingers crossed for Keith Amor tomorrow in the lightweight race, hadn't realised he's from Falkirk as well.

Can't see anyone beating Michael Dunlop tomorrow in the senior.
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By Sacrificial Pawn
Senior pretty much the same as the Superbike race then except Connor found the pace on Guy...Dunplop still won.

Ah well, always next year and hopefully I'll be there to see a GM victory.
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By Certi
Good to hear that Dean Harrison won the lightweight, he's a really good rider and I can see him fighting for wins on the big bikes in the next couple of years. That's him and his dad both won races this week.

I can't see Guy Martin winning a TT TBH. He's good, but I just don't think he's got it in him. I'd love to be wrong though.

That BMW is going to be dominant next year and onwards unless Honda finally bring out a new Fireblade. It's basically unchanged since 2008 and is falling behind, not just in the TT, but BSB, WSB and on the road.
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