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Got a speeding ticket? We have Police Officers on the forum who can provide advice.
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By phil54
My mate has been caught doing 57 in 30.

Cop car was pretty much hidden behind a wall at the top of the hill,you could only see it when the headlights lit it up.

Was on a single lane road and a few of the street lights on his side were not lit up.

It was dark and dry at the time.

Hes had his letter in just wondering if hes looking at a ban or a load of points and is it worth him getting a lawyer or just going to court his self?

He has a clean licence at the moment.

Appreciate any replys in advance thanks.
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By jtc
First ever speeding offence will be a bit better than someone who's been caught before. I guess at 6 points and £600 fine.

Let us know who's closest :lol:
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