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By Civic_b0y
Hey all,

I'm planning to track the civic this year,
Brands hatch is not to far from me so I will
Most likely start there.

I'm just bit worried about the DB limits, as there only 87 ish.

My car has following mods:

Teg m
Japspeed 4-2-1
Skunk2 inlet
Hks high power cat back

Would I be ok for track days?


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By Rambo
I dont think your to much louder than mine and i got 98.7 or something a couple of weekends ago. If you see me about il show you the noise mine makes to compare.
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By jasonevans
If Brands hatch is not far from you then it might be a good idea to pop in when there is a trackday on and get them to measure it. They don't mind if you explain to them your thinking of booking a trackday but unsure if car will pass noise test. That's what I do when I fit a new mod to the car. There really quite friendly.
That way at least you will know BEFORE you spend your hard earned cash.
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By shaRRpy
thats ok for static but you'll never know until you go on if you'll pass drive by.i think track day organisers need to come to some kind of arrangement with this, say like a 50% refund if your black flagged for noise on a drive by and you have to end your day after 10 mins.
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By Mr_gangrel
Brands Indy on Monday. Open pitlane. Can't wait!
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By BatCat
Twenty Mac wrote:Anyone got any days booked up June/July time?

Im looking to get my first day booked up.
I just booked on a novice day at Oulton Park 22nd July - not exactly a "beginners" circuit but I've driven it before in a GTR and booked an instructor for one of the sessions on the day. More of a challenge than one of the flat, boring circuits, looking forward to it!
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