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Hints and Tips for all things Track Day and 1/4 mile.
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By SeanEP3
Done Bedford a few times, really like it as can get some decent speed up!

Noise is strict though, I had to run my oem box to be sure!
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By MDRacing
Yeah have heard they are one of the strictest for noise. I'm back on stock manifold/dp but have a straight through B pipe and a TODA back box which is quite loud. I'm taking along an extra box which fits in the B Pipe just in case.
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By SeanEP3
From what I remember, it's a one strike, out policy. So if your loud at the static check, might be worth swapping over before track time.
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By MDRacing
just looked on TTevents website and seems like a few Type R's were on track!

shame I can't attend to this one as it seems like a great turn out!

Yeah there was another EP3, an FN2 and an S2000 in the honda camp [smilie=karls_thumb.gif]

They run at Bedford every month, and I'm likely to do most of them this year I reckon :)

I spy a gopro of some sort, any links to footage? Looks good by the way :bigthumb:

Yeah will sort some out, just not had a chance yet. Nothing that dramatic happened other than an Exige spinning in front of me (nothing unusual there either lol)
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By SeanEP3
Looks like you had a good day!

I'll probably do Bedford again in the summer.

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