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By R'ash
graeme01 wrote:That's cheap might invest in some more at that price ! Can't fault them they've held up well to the track days I've done, just had issues with them rubbing on the rear trailing arms and inner quarters at oulton ! Had to strip the rear quarters down and clean and waxoyl them today :-(

I know, here's where i've seen them ... 94w-129759 Going to try the local tyre place as they usually match any prices you give to them.
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By R'ash
winim17 wrote:
R'ash wrote:
winim17 wrote:Car looks great R'ash :salut:
Cheers dude :smile: is yours the jrsc milano?? Sounded awesome at full chat!
Yup! Can't beat that whine.
I was thinking more along the lines of it sounding like it would suck in any small animals or children that got too near :lol:
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By SeanEP3
Car looks excellent Ash.

some great pics and vids guys. roll on the next one!

and ouch at that gear box! :(
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By gobbledygook
Not quite back together yet. I decided to buy a second hand box as my 1st to 3rd gears have had a lot of abuse over the years and are probably not far from going the same way as 4th. I'm getting Grinspeed to rebuild it with carbon lined synchros and a few other goodies.

Here's another vid from the day with a full set of cogs:

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