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Hints and Tips for all things Track Day and 1/4 mile.
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By Darkhawk
My launchs were dire :-( ill send you a video of me and my mate in that cosmic you beat

he got atleast a car and a halfs lengh.on my every launch

Still beat him by over a second though haha i dunno what was up with me. i launchrd better earlier in the year when the track was shity :-/
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By leetec
Didn't Adam Buckley run a 9.7sec at pod?

This is what's in this thread.
Adam Buckley/ TDI-North EP3 turbo 10.34 @ 141mph and 10.35 @ 142mph

Ye I think tdi haven't updated but I'm sure there car is the fastest in uk

Ye Adam ran a 9.75 ish but cpl have the record with a 9.71 from what I remember.
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By eatthis
:shock: my first run was 101 but at 14.5

It's because I'm awesome at launching lol

I got 102 on another run but my time was shite, my tyres were a huge let down guess two track days worth of heat have turned them to mush

its the track not your tyres
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