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Hints and Tips for all things Track Day and 1/4 mile.
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By eatthis
Looks like I made it onto the scoreboard:


This was at Kirkbride airfield in Cumbria, in my Rotrex CTR running Toyo 888s and with full interior etc fitted.

:salut: :salut: :salut:
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By Darkhawk
:shock: my first run was 101 but at 14.5

It's because I'm awesome at launching lol

I got 102 on another run but my time was shite, my tyres were a huge let down guess two track days worth of heat have turned them to mush

its the track not your tyres

Im.going shakespear.on sat weather permitting so.will see how the track is there lib gobbldy
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By Darkhawk
Anyone know what the quickest N/A civic on road tyres is? ( with out NOS )

i got a [email protected] at pod with a knackered clutch the other week then car died after 4 runs :-( (wiring problem (my.own fault lmao))

All fixed now and paddle clutch and cwm fly going in soon so hopefully get my time down some more
Anyone know what the quickest N/A civic on road tyres is? ( with out NOS )

High 13's is a decent time generally.

If youre talking street legal tyres at full weight, there was a guy from NI with bolt-ons and kpro running mid 13's

I think a stripped out, cammed up EP on good tyres is a low 13's car though.
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By Darkhawk
Ah im.not doing bad then 14.0 @103 with a knackered clutch

hoping for more like 13.7s when i go again only managed 4 runs last time.and two.i missed a gear lmao an then car died at the line on last run
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By Darkhawk
Clutch is foooooked lmao get a 105 terminal aswell but was 14.1 :-/

gruppe m
mugen manifold
hks back box
unsilenced b pipe

At the time no back seats or.trims

Since tgen remived air con all dash sound deadening anf the carpets b pulliars and plastics etc
clockwise.motion 3g fky wheel.and act paddle.clutch fitting on tuesday
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By Darkhawk
made a bit of a differance today at pod haha :p working clutch is always great espes with a nice light flywheel

ran a [email protected] 103
with a 2.17 60ft time


just need an LSD and some semi slicks now!

could someone update me on table!

this year alone iv managed to drop from 14.6 - 14.5 - 14.4 - 14.1 - 13.7 :P not bad going
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By pdapaul
Could do with some advise reference today's track times.

Standard 03 ep3 (177k :P ) rear seats out with dc cat back and k&n poophoon.
Standard road Tyres.

At Ellington TOTB sat practice.

Best 14.6 with 60 @2.3 but my terminal seems really low @ 94mph.

As going to pod in 2weeks is there anything simple that can be done added to improve. And does the terminal seem low??

And is there any detriment to running semi slicks and where I'd best place to buy??

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