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By Damien
Booked up for the Start of may 5th to 8th! Cant wait! 8-)
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By [email protected]
see you there mate ill be on the motorbike in may bmw s1000RR black ill keep eye out for ya
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By aydhayeth
I will be doing quite a few touristefahres this year. Coming from Belgium, I am slightly closer then most of you guys.
May see some of you up there :).
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By Damien
[email protected] wrote:see you there mate ill be on the motorbike in may bmw s1000RR black ill keep eye out for ya
I'll be in my white DC5 so i'll see you there! :mrgreen:
By Seany-ads
Went last September and was brilliant. Just booked to go over again from the 8th-12th september which is looking to be a great weekend as the DTM is also on up at the GP circuit. Ill keep an eye out for any other of u guys going over.
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By Damien
Mr_gangrel wrote:I'm going 5th-8th May.
I'll see you there in my charged dc5 :) should meet up and say hi !
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By Mr_gangrel
Sounds good mate. Your beast will have the legs on mine though. I've only got 229 horses.
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By JayKDC5
How many off you have been with full cages and door bars? Any issues? I've read un-padded cages are a no no, and door bars are a no no, and removable steering wheels, on a tourist session. Yet i hear loads of people saying that people blatantly ignore this. I have removed the drivers winged seat as i know this causes issues, but not sure on the rest?
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By Lewisgame
Seems to be hit and miss from what I've seen.
Main reason for no winged seats and door bars is that it makes it difficult to pull you out of the car in the event of an accident.
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By burton
The main concern regarding seats and roll cages is that it may compare your vision when on the track hence why they won't allow you on TF days with them fitted.
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By JayKDC5
Im planning to go there in 4 weeks. I have taken the winged Corbeau out and put in an SPG. The cage is still un-padded and does have door bars. I've not been for 2 years but alot of people are saying that cars are going around with full unpadded cages................Im happy to pad mine but that makes it more restrictive regards vision.

In the tourist day rules cages are ok, however they do not like door bars, i can take mine out off needed when i get there i guess.
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By MrStuMagoo
I've been going for the past 20 years what a place hey guys. I think you should just do the track days with Destination Nürburgring They are full open circuit so you can lap and lap it has free recovery if you have a silly break down and the standard of driver is very high so you don't really worry too much about other drivers. Where as on a tourist day that is all I tend to worry about there ,so many crashes its impossible to get a clean lap .
The next trip is a 2 day event in Sept .
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