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By mat_555

Over past few weeks have been servicing my EP3. Engine and box out, timing chain, guides, tensioner, clutch, fork, release bearing, new wheel bearings, new bushes in the whole front end, de-rusted and sprayed the subframe and all wishbones wiring brackets and engine bay. Also had my alternator and starter motor refurbished by a local company.

Car started perfect and runs perfect, however the ABS light is on permanently and the Battery light is on too. All other lights are off. Car is raised at front with wheels off the ground, and front wheels were turning when the engine was ticking over, so maybe the car thinks the front wheels are turning at a different speed to the rears so its thrown the ABS light?

Battery light is a really weird one. Battery sitting at rest is 12.8v and with the car running the battery is measuring 14.4v exactly all the time with no fluctuation.... Bit stumped? Does anyone have any ideas? Things to check?

I didn't have any of these issues before the rebuild. I have all the original earths on the car and I have installed some of my own earths. All check ok and contacts are clean? I also took the alternator back to the Alternator rebuild centred to be tested. They re-tested it and confirmed it was ok...

Any help appreciated. Thanks, Matt
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By mat_555
Right bit of an update.

Spoke to a Honda specialist who explained that ABS was on due to rotating front wheels, whilst back wheels were stationary and as soon as I drive the car on the road that will correct itself.

Now update on the alternator and this is where it gets interesting. Note, I checked all engine bay fuses which were fine. I haven't checked the under dash fuses yet, however when the Alternator fuse blows, it wont charge at all and also knocks the speedo out. And my speedo is still working exactly as it should. I have read the car with a cheap OBDII reader and its throwing no codes.

Now the alternator has changed what its doing. Now if I start the car it reads 14.4v as it should. But if I rev the car, the alternator stops working voltage at battery drops to 12.6v and the alternator will not charge again, until the car is switched off and restarted. Then if I re-start the car, the alternator again works perfectly, until its revved at which point it stops working again.

The alternator has been back to be checked by the rebuild company twice already, however im taking it back again and in the mean-time Im going to pick up another original used alternator off ebay.

Does anyone know if the FN2 alternator will work on the EP3. They are a different part no. and the plug and battery strap are in a slightly different location, however the plug and the pin out is the same, so I assume they are interchangeable... The only reason I ask is because most EP3 alternators are pretty much useless at this point. Where as the design of the FN2 alternator was changed, I assume it was imporved (EP3 alternators all crack the case on the front) and the majority are 5 years younger?

Thanks, Matt
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