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  • FN2 rattle low revs

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Have a problem with your CTR? Tell us about them here...
 #3866351  by Hungrybenno
 Sun Sep 02, 2018 1:45 pm
Hi all,

I’ve got a rattle on my car that only happens at low revs when pulling from between 1500-2000rpm.
I can’t get it to do it without actually being in the move.
It’s a metallic rattle/whirring noise.

I have taken the car to two separate garages the first one couldn’t hear the noise until I took him out in it, his conclusion was that the gearbox has worn bearings and that I would have to have the box reconditioned. This is not the outcome I was hoping for.

The second garage I took it to listened and test drove the car and he said he didn’t think it was the gearbox, we had the car on his ramp and checked everything we could think of including all heat shields etc. I sat in the car and ran it through the gears and we couldn’t replicate the noise.

I do get the occasional difficult 3rd gear selection but the gearbox does usually feel fine.

Has anybody got any suggestions or had anything similar?

FN2 type R 103,000miles

Thanks in advance

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