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Here you can brag away boys (and girls)
 #3866066  by Lewisgame
 Fri Apr 27, 2018 2:51 pm
kinky_boy wrote:nice and smooth! track day seems to be a lot better, you can actually enjoy and focus on the driving not on other cars.
ep3 is an awesome car, standing 15 laps of nurburgring with no problems is outstanding! i don't see many cars that can take that!
If you don;t actually race in a competition then there is no point in stripping the car, my 2 cents.

The track etiquette is spot on. Rarely are you stuck behind a car for a long period. Just return the favour to faster cars and it all works.
The EP3 is a relatively reliable car. On the other hand preparation is key. I’ve done 5 trips totally faultless. I’ve been meticulous with the car maintenance and overlooking this is where people fail no matter what the car.

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 #3866192  by Lewisgame
 Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:40 pm
MrStuMagoo wrote:Great build mate well done on the ring lap .


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 #3866554  by Lewisgame
 Sat Dec 29, 2018 11:47 am
Not much going on recently...

First of all. My first trip to the Nürburgring has been booked. Track day on the 23rd of April so I’ll spend the Easter weekend over there. From what I’ve seen and heard Easter is always mental busy so I won’t do many, if any, TF laps and stick to the side lines watching the carnage. The Honda needs brakes and tyres and I need to improve the cooling for the brakes so they last a little longer.

Non Honda side of things, after a hard year of work and training becoming a Volkswagen Master Technician I decided to treat myself to a new daily car.
Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance. Fast, fun, practical and surprisingly economical. 300 miles covered in one week and for the average person who enjoys driving it does everything you need. Thanks to a car scheme at work I’ll only have this for 6 months with the option to get another new one or go back to my old banger.
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