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  • Interior heater blower motor dead.

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Mind Over Matter...
 #3866359  by Keith Scarfe
 Sat Sep 08, 2018 6:11 am
My 03 CTR EP3 heater motor has stopped working. A brief internet search indicates this could be due to the resistor pack used to drop the fan speed or the motor itself or I guess the supply to it via the switch/fuse. I haven't been able to find a circuit or wiring diagram to help me fault find. I would like to understand the circuit so I can identify exactly which of these components needs replacing. I am guessing the resistor pack but it would be nice to know for sure before going and finding a new one. Would any one have a circuit diagram they could send to me please? Or any knowledge on how to fault find this circuit. Also I couldn't identify which fuse in the fuse box in the engine bay supplies the fan, it isn't obvious from the pictures printed on the lid. I did check every one in there except for the big square things that all seem to be open circuit (what are these?). Which one is it do yo know? I assume it isn't the fuse anyway as they are all good.
Thanks for any help.
 #3866360  by parsimony
 Sat Sep 08, 2018 9:57 am
Here's the fuse list:

    Under-dash Fuse/Relay Box
    Fuse Number Amps Wire Colour Component(s) or Circuit(s) Protected
    1 15A BLK/WHT Ignition coils
    2 - - Not used
    3 20A - Not used
    4 10A BLK/ORN Alternator, ELD unit, EVAP purge control solenoid valve, Primary HO2S, Secondary HO2S, Vehicle speed sensor, Reverse lockout solenoid, CMP sensor
    5 7.5A Fuse/relay box socket Multiplex control unit
    6 7.5A YEL/GRN Headlight adjuster switch, Headlight adjuster unit, Power window master switch
    7 20A - Not used
    8 7.5A Fuse/relay box socket Optional connector V, Multiplex control unit
    9 10A GRN Rear window wiper motor, Rear window washer motor, Rear window intermittent wiper control unit
    10 7.5A Fuse/relay box socket Multiplex control unit
    YEL Back-up lights, EPS control unit, Gauge assembly, Keyless receiver unit, Security control unit
    11 7.5A BLK/ORN ABS modulator-control unit
    12 - - Not used
    13 10A PNK SRS unit
    14 10A Fuse/relay box socket Optional connector V
    BLK/YEL Blower motor relay, Heater control panel, Power mirror actuator, Power mirror defogger, Radiator fan relay, Rear window defogger relay, Recirculation control motor
    15 30A - Not used
    16 20A - Not used
    17 15A BLK/YEL Inertia switch, SRS unit
    YEL/BLK ECM, Fuel pump
    18 15A YEL/GRN Cigarette lighter
    19 7.5A YEL/BLK Turn signal/hazard relay
    20 20A Fuse/relay box socket Multiplex control unit
    GRN/BLK Windshield wiper motor, Windshield washer motor
    21 - - Not used
    22 20A GRN/BLK Passenger's power window motor
    23 20A GRN/WHT Driver's power window motor
    24 - - Not used
    25 - - Not used

Added in 8 minutes 54 seconds:

CTR Wiring.gif
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 #3866361  by Keith Scarfe
 Sat Sep 08, 2018 1:05 pm
>Under-dash Fuse/Relay Box

"Under dash". Oh dear. I guess by this there is a second fuse box inside the car is there? I thought it was just the one in the engine bay. I didn't know this. What a numpty. I will try to find this and I hope this fuse has blown. Number 14 then.
Failing that, thanks for the diagram. I shall be able to fault find it.
Thanks. :oops:

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