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By jtc
Yateley ftw :salut:

(even though I don't live there anymore)
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By jhollyyox
mtailor wrote:Twickenham - only a short blast away
not far :)
jtc wrote:Yateley ftw :salut:

(even though I don't live there anymore)
right down the road lol
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By jhollyyox
mtailor wrote:My office is in Bracknell.
I have friends in Fleet and Farnborough.
So is mine lol watch out ;)
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By Linus27
If you see a white DC5 with black wheels in Camberley then that's me :)
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By jhollyyox
Linus27 wrote:If you see a white DC5 with black wheels in Camberley then that's me :)
i haven't yet :(
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By jhollyyox
Ep3 swampy wrote:Im in a NHB FL EP3 with green badges give me a toot if you see me
Cosmic 55 Premier :salut:
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By 11110111
am in Teddington, just down the road from Twick - often in Bracknell on the weekends, Swinley forest biking away :evil:
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By FireDance
Crowthorne so just up the road [smilie=karls_thumb.gif]
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By MichaelEp3
I live in Sandhurst, driving a milano red face lift ep3 :)
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By Linus27
AlexSemper » Wed Jul 29, 2015 9:17 pm wrote:Hey, I'm just at the top of the Red Road/Maultway with a NHB Ep3!
Alex, was that you going over the roundabout at the top of Red Road today at around 8am? Saw a lovely NHB EP3 joining the roundabout from the Maultway. I was in the white DC5 and gave you a wave.
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By dan8383xxx
I'm in Farnborough just down from TGM. I've got a JRSC NHB EP3. maybe somebody should arrange a meet for local CTRO members?
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