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By EvoStu
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When posting on the forums, please use English, not “text-speak”, avoid posting in capital letters as this is considered “SHOUTING” and do not attempt to circumvent the swear filters in place.

For Sale posts are only permitted within the For Sale sections and subject to the rules defined therein. Advertising web links, email addresses and phone numbers are not allowed in posts or signatures with the exception of authorised advertisers.

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Non-compliance with these rules may result in formal warnings being issued and/or posting rights being denied either temporarily or permanently. CTRO Moderators/Administrators reserve the right to move, remove or edit any topic or post which does not comply with these rules.

Forum members acknowledge that all posts made to this forum express the views and opinions of the author and not the webmaster, administrators or moderators (except for posts by these people) and hence the webmaster, administrators or moderators will not be held liable.

In Synopsis.

- No double posting.

- No offensive language.

- No street-racing posts.

- No pictures in signatures

- No libellous language, be it potential or actual.

- No sexually-orientated material.

- No racist material.

- No posts containing personal abuse.

- No advertising or sale of illegal goods that infringe copyright laws.

- No spam or any other form of unauthorised advertising.

- Traders must be "Registered Traders" and have "Registered Trader" status before posting commercial ads or pictures containing commercial ads anywhere on the forum. This includes within user profiles - signatures, avatars etc.

-No text speak (the swear filter will change words if they are not correctly spelt! With amusing consequences.....)

If you have any comments or questions, please PM the moderators.
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