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Welcome to the forum.
Hi all,

I am a first timer on the forum but really need some advice on an on going issue.

So the issue is as follows:

My 08 civic type r FN2 When cold my car over fuels and it floods the engine and cuts out. It will cut out until it gets warm unless I keep the revs up over 3000rpm.

When warm the car sometimes is sluggish and can cut out when going from high revs to low ( falls straight out )

I have a scan tool and there are no faults that come up but have noticed that the throttle when peddle is fully up was 18% and when full to the floor 79.9%.

This has all happened after a full service.

So what I have done so far:

1.Changed the throttle position sensor.
2. Changed the throttle body. (Standard).
3. Changed the mas air flow sensor.( no air leaks).
4. New o2 sensor.
5. Engine temperature sensor.

Any suggestions, cause I am at a loss...


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