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One of the Best forums around??

Yeah a definate agree
No, I prefer other boring ones?!!!!
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By Tony_Solo
Dave, it's no use crawling to Jon. We all know you just want that CTR status :wink:

But err, I do of course happen to agree with you....
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By type r daddy
ah but i was one of the first ones who joined!! all you lot only joined when it was getting good!!! :lol:
you know im the most loyal after tony and jontis!!!hahaha
the other forum is well poo now!!
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By Jon C
I have to say I used to be glued to the "other" forum but it seems to have gone downhill a bit now. I never set out to compete with it merely provide a CTR only forum. Glad you all like it :wink:
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By Tony_Solo
I have something to admit... I was actually the 3rd registered member (sgt_solo) for this forum, but I used my hotmail address and never got my authorisation. So after a week or so I used my other email addy and got a response.
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By Jon C
I have something to admit too... the second registered user "billy" is actually me. I was using it when I was testing the forum so Tony you are actually the first to join as you can't really count me. Maybe you should have a special rank like Jontis. "Longest Member". Oh no here we go with the Touching Wood and Rubbing the Beast. Maybe First Registered User, or you decide.
(and I said special rank by the way :lol: )
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By Tony_Solo
It's gotta be Longest Member Jon !!!!

pls pls pls !
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By Rag_It
O.K you busted me crawling! But Jon as your handing out Status can I have Crappest Poster then, I think everyone will agree i at least deserve that Status!!!!!!

Crappest Poster

Civic Type R - Milano Red! :)

Good idea i think!

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By DeanoCasino
must agree, this is one of the friendliest and helpfull forums I've been on and seems like most of the people who post here have a good sense of humour, which is always nice to see :)
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By Dirtyhabits
jon can you tell who was the first 10 to reg there No on the original site
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By Jon C
No, have no idea :?
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By Tony_Solo
Hmmmmmmmm, longest member......
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By Tony_Solo
Hey, how come over 66 people have viewed this thread, but there's only 11 votes !

There must be some newbies out there, come on... join in !
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By Rag_It
You have to remember Tony that we have been in here frequently and therefore every time we post or even come in to view that counts as a new view , (I am pretty sure) But yes I agree anyway not everyone has voted but still the Poll was to prove a point and I think the 12 votes to 0 say something!!!!

What are you on about S*itty poster that's not very nice is it Tony!

I want a token title too!!!!



P.s Jontis must be getting home sick having been away for this long!
P.P.S Good on your Wife Tony, sounds cool what her number, might just give her a ring :P
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By Tony_Solo
Dave, I'll put my hand up for that one...

I certainly wouldn't want a sh*tty member, especially as mine is so long.
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By Jontis
Just have to say

This place rocks big time!
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By Tony_Solo
:BIG: We're all just one big happy family
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By Rag_It
Tony, fair point, however don't let your wife hear or see that you have just written that as I know that she would probably go spare if mine is anything to go by.

I too, am sad apparantly, for sitting on line for an hour or so a night speaking to my virtual buddies about my car. She is into Cars but still nags about why I should have to talk to other people about it all the time.

Perhaps my answer should be next time, hey listen wench....... just because these people have more interesting things to say than you most of the time!!!!

Whilst I am sure that would be that, I don't think i would mind, I mean god I am only 21! Who cares!!!!!!

Here to our virtual family! :roll:
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By Tony_Solo
Dave, you're a mear pup in comparison with me. I'm 35 !
But hey you must be doing well if you can afford new motors n stuff !
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By Jon C
Maybe our wives could start a forum for "neglected forum widows"
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