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By Jimreidw13
Noticed my passenger side headlight has gone dimmer and yellowish, it's definitely not the same color as the driver side which is super white, going call Honda tomorrow and see if it's under warranty, as I understand you can't even change the led bulbs on these even though I know the yellowing is a heating problem that has affected some part of the bulb or lens,.

£400 it costs for a new headlight, this is a problem that might happen down the line for you guys so extending the warranty makes sense, if it's covered though we shall soon find out.

Hopfully they don't say it's wear and tear :Gross:

Has this happened to anyone else?
I haven't had this... Yet... But surely the idea of LED Headlights was to "last the life of the car"...

But it seems that LED upgrades on most modern cars is all on the customer: ... nt-UK-cost

What annoys me more, is unlike Home Bulbs there is actually virtually no energy saving or cost saving in a car, meaning the increased cost is worse for customers in general.

So in your case, Honda must accept this is not right... It definitely can not be wear and tear in my view!
Either way I feel for you mate, and will long-term always be worried about mine!
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By parsimony
LED life was supposed to be in the order of 50,000 hours so if you've had your headlights on for longer than this, it's fair wear and tear.
If you had your headlights on for 10 hours per day every day, that's about 13 years BTW!
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