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By wanner69
Guys, just started making these in clear and various other colours. Cut and domed to sit onto your fog glass for protection from stones smashing the glass. They are a snug fit and just slide into the recess holding the fog lights although I will supply some small square fixings called 3m dual lock in case you want to use them. £20 delivered. Any questions feel free to ask. Some pics below as examples.
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Couple more picsImageImage

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By JediMasterPeppy
Hi Guys (and particularly wanner69),

I have just become an owner of a FK2 and are interested in these Fog Covers...

The "Light Blue" variation, I presume mimics the LED Headlight colouring for the halogen bulbs?

Anyway I can see a picture of the light blue at night with the headlights and fogs on to get a feel for what they are like?


:evil: Scary, very scary.

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