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Information & queries related to the Honda Legend.
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By Jimbo_R
What do you think. Must admit I rather like it. Has anyone actually seen one? Will make an intersesting used buy once savage depriciation takes its toll. Lets face it, it will struggle in its calss as it does not have a BM, Merc or Audi badge. Pity, cos its loaded with cool techo wizadry.
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By TypeR-2898
My Misses dad got sent the catalogie/brochure..

v nice looking hard backed book.... car isn;t too bad either
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By h1coupe
the new legend looks awesome, and it is loaded with new cool gismos.
and for me, thank god it doesn´t have those badges you talked off. wouldn´t want to worry about my new expensive gismo car breaking down on me all over the place :?
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