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Burning Rubber!
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By w6ady
Been looking at 215 45 17 semi slick tyres. Will these rub on oem alloys? My car is quite low but I have had the rear arch lip rolled slightly. I am toying between something like the dunlop dz03g or the nankang ns2r or Ad08r. Are the nankang more like a road tyre? I know the dunlops are a more track orientated tyre.
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By w6ady
Thanks for the replies. I'm not sure how low my car is but my arches sit over the tops of the tyres at the rear so it runs quite low. I could raise the car at the rear to make some more room I suppose it would just mean having to have another alignment done but not a big problem. At the moment I have goodyear assymetric 2's and the arch is quite close but never rubs. I find the sidewall on these tyres is very rounded rather than square like semi slicks so may have some issues will just have to bite the bullet and see I think.
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By R'ash
That's lower than me then there's still about a 20mm gap, I can take a picture of one of the wheels if it's any help as I still have them
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By w6ady
Looking at that picture my car is much lower than that at the rear. But if 225 don't rub then I may get away with it. I will buy the tyres get 2 fitted put them on the rear and see what clearance is like. If needs be I can then put them on the front and get the car raised 15mm or so and have another alignment. Then re fit them. Thanks again for the help guys :bigthumb:
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By graeme01
There not bad at all not had them on track though ! I've got federal rsrs on my track wheels and I've had yokohama ado8s and there both excellent.
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By Hondacivicv6hul
I'm thinking of getting a set of Yokohama ad08s for road use, what sort of miles am I realisticly likely to get?
Is the grip much better than premium tyres?
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By Ry4n_ep3
1812_s wrote:
Ry4n_ep3 wrote:
1812_s wrote:i run 225 45 semi slick on track no rubbing

[ Image ]

[ Image ]
Old thread I know but are the 225's running on OEM typer wheels?
yes 225/45

i will edit that they do rub the tiniest bit but that was only from one of the fast corners at bedford other than that nothing
Were your arches rolled?
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