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Hi guys just bought my first type R I bought off my friend for steal at £800 54 plate cosmic grey on evo 8 enkei 17” does need some slight cosmetic work but nothing too bad does have stupidly loud exhaust which will be going at some point and it’s done about 90k odd miles

But I want to give it a good service so wonder what I should change and what are the best products I should use, won’t be tracked just road driving

Already ordered some shell helix 5/40w was going to get a Mugen oil filter pretty much because it’s pretty but everything else I’m kinda clueless on

Thanks Matt
Sound like you picked your oil, also need an oil filter genuine Honda one is fine or hamp ones are ok too, could also to gear box oil mtf3 Honda oil is good, as well as their coolant, ngk iridium spark plugs, genuine Honda fuel filter , decent brake fluid , get valve clearances checked, new panel filter and that should be a fairly comprehensive major service
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