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Following the successful crowd funding campaign for the 'Road to the Red Zone' book the author has arranged for a Type-R track day in May.

It's at the Journée Circuit ( and will use the Circuit de Clastres layout

The usual price for the day is €100 but we have been ordered it at €69! If we can get 40 cars then the track will be solely ours for the day; only Hondas on track.

So far there are 15 confirmed participants including two EP3s, an FN2 and FD2 from CTRO. We'd like to increase this so please consider joining us.

As this is a Sunday some of us are staying over; I'll be in France from Friday to Monday and we hope to find a hotel with enough space for other CTROers to join us, if you wish. The previous two European trips have been a great success with everyone enjoying them and whilst this won't be on the same scale you'll be guaranteed to have a good time.

1. Sedge +1 (FN2)
2. Mark (FD2)
3. BrockJDM (EP3)
4. Grubdip (EP3)
5. xonics (FK2)

PAYMENT ... eee&step=1
We want the €80 package. Make sure you select 'discount code' on the bottom right. When promoted use 'TYPERPOWER'. I will be paying later.
Hi Sedge, I've never done a track day before lol.
The closest was the FK2 event a couple of weeks back for the VTEC Challenge, and that was parade lap lol.

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That's work sorted, so count me as attending :D
Any recommendations for hotel etc. I've got Friday to Monday off so my plan is to be in France for those days, just need to square that with the other half.
Great stuff; good to have you along.

We'll post hotels soon. In the meantime the payment details are in the OP. I've not paid yet so I will post more information on the process once I have done.

I have spoken with the organiser about your questions: "No, it's just a trackday, you just need your normal insurance." As UK insurance typically excludes track time you may want to buy a separate policy to cover the event. I've sent off for a quote from As the track isn't on their list they need to email me a price over.
dan8383xxx wrote:I might be up for this, just gotta check that the wife will let me go lol. Is there a plan to convoy over, stay in the same hotel etc?
I think it depends on when people are travelling. We're coming down on Friday and leaving on Monday but routing back through Belgium. Anyone is more than welcome to join us for either leg. For the return an interest in Belgian Lambic beer would be useful...
xonics wrote:Hey Sedge, have you heard anything back from insureyourtrackday yet? I put in for a quote and haven't heard anything yet.
I've not heard back either. I will call them to chase later.
I've still not heard anything from insuremytrackday but I did try and they've quoted me £177.95 for my FK2. I've not read through the quote paper work yet but will be interesting to see what other quotes people get.

We're going to be travelling down on the Friday via Folkestone and coming back the same way Monday. Not decided yet if we'll do all three nights near the track or not.
I got a quote back from insuremytrackday, over £200 though, will do a bit more looking around.

I'm using the channel tunnel too, not a fan of ferries either - plus its quicker lol.

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Who'd you put as the event organiser by the way?

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