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  • Request: UKDM/EDM vs USDM FK8 - parts and wiring diagrams, connector pin-outs

 #3865021  by 17CivicTypeR_Brian
 Wed Aug 23, 2017 2:35 pm
Good morning all!

Here in the US, we don't get quite the same kit on the Type R Touring as you get on the Type R GT, and I would like to work on retrofitting some of the gear into my US-spec car. The reason why is simply because it's cool, and one way to be unique (as if driving a '17 black CTR wasn't enough already).

I'm trying to start 'easy' with EDM Power Fold mirrors (with indicator if possible) and EDM/UKDM Rear Tail lights (with rear fog lights) and their associated switches.
I'm having trouble locating any kind of fuse diagrams, wire diagrams, or connector pin outs for any cars - USDM even.
If anyone on here has access or can link me to these, please do help!

On the flip side, if any of you are interested in any USDM parts I'd be happy to help how I can.

Thanks for any help-!