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By cossiemark
[email protected] wrote:Everything probably is on google. But it'd be nice to think on a car forum you could discuss upcoming shows....
This is what i thought. I thought there might have been a post for upcoming shows and there dates with info of where the shows are and entry costs.
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By karl
Dean_S wrote:not everything is on google... your watching to many TV advertisements.
TV advertising, for Google, wtf, *you're making no sense :scratch:

try Google, you might be surprised, but if it is a fanboi cruise loving forum you're looking for to get excited over them, you're in the wrong place :rotflmao:
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By karl
it is easy to find, try irmy's signature if you're that desperate to get my attention :ymca:
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By [email protected]
I'm not I'm just saying. People old and young are genuinely interested in car shows throughout the year and do discuss them on here.
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