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Anything sound related, got any tips, post 'em here.
 #3473912  by B1scu1T
 Tue Oct 16, 2012 7:06 pm
So im about to pick up an 08 CTR GT in Milano Red, however I want to get Bluetooth, USB audio and some form of parking detection in there.

For the audio parts, my first thought was the Parrot MKI9200, but im not a big fan of the fact its a separate thing to stick on the dash and that it uses its own 20w amps. I then moved onto looking at the xcarlink and Denison solutions, which would in the most part be OK but I don't think I would ever be really satisfied with not having the track listing displayed on the screen.

For the parking sensors, i initially thought i could just get the standard Honda ones fitted at a garage, however the best quote i have had so far to be able to get is £399 (which is from the dealer i am getting the car from) :o

When you add the above things together im looking at £550+ when its all fitted, so i thought it might be worth exploring the idea of fitting a third party double DIN stereo and reversing camera. Might cost me a bit more but it will be a much more complete system.

So from reading MANY threads and how too guides. This is my list of parts so far:

JVC KW AV60BT - £250
Has all the features i think i need plus it has a removable front which is quite useful when visiting friends in Manchester :-| .

Impulse Converter kit - £175
(I guess I will also need a JVC Patch lead, not sure which one but im sure the guy at impulse can sort me out)

One of MrBozo's Cameras from Civinfo - ~£70
I guess this depends on the model and adapters i need.

So the total for all that is about £500 (or have i missed something?)

I don't really think i am going to have the time to fit it all, especially in the summer. How much do you think i should expect to pay to get it fitted and does anyone have any advise on finding someone decent to do the work?
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 #3474260  by B1scu1T
 Wed Oct 17, 2012 9:48 am
I e-mailed impulse to check how much they would charge for all the work and this is the email i got:

The Civic conversion kit with a genuine Honda 2DIN panel is £210.00
Installation of the kit is £80.00
Installing a 2DIN head unit £50 or a satnav £100
Installing a camera: cost is subject to camera type. We supply and fit a numberplate camera for £180.

The conversion kit seems more expensive than its listed for but lets assume £50 for the fitting of the camera, thats a total of £170 for all the fitting roughly bringing the total to £700.

What are peoples thoughts?
 #3474285  by Cockpiss Analfist
 Wed Oct 17, 2012 10:40 am
It's actually reall easy to install it yourself mate.

all you need is the fascia and the leads (specific to your brand of head unit) to fit your double din.

you can wire the reverse camera in pretty easy too i might add, it is just a bit time consuming routing the wires to the boot.

where abouts are you? I could do it for a better price.
 #3474307  by B1scu1T
 Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:23 am
Bob has said £100 for fitting the camera s its quite time consuming :(

Yeah i have had a look at a LOT of guides but its more a matter of time if i am completely honest. Im a broadcast engineer so its not like im lacking the skills either, still something about pulling apart my car which puts me on edge :???:

I'm based in maidenhead but i spend quite a bit of time in Manchester and North Yorkshire.
 #3474391  by B1scu1T
 Wed Oct 17, 2012 1:36 pm
After a bit of discussion he has dropped some of the costs so that the total price to me (including the bits i get myself) would be £700. Feels quite tempting now!
 #3474882  by B1scu1T
 Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:28 pm
I have ordered the camera from Mr Bozo, i have gone for a Sony head unit instead though: ... /xav-601bt

Few quid more but i have had average results from the bluetooth on my current JVC, this one also seems to have better options WRG to upgrades in the future.

Edit - This makes me laugh:

Guaranteed delivery date: 19 Oct 2012
1 "Sony XAV601BT In Car Multimedia Head Unit"
Electronics; £289.99
In stock but may require up to 2 additional days to deliver
Sold by:

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