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  • Anything sound related, got any tips, post 'em here.
Anything sound related, got any tips, post 'em here.
 #1868347  by ShaunCTR
 Mon Mar 31, 2008 3:29 pm
What a fantastic boot install must of cost a small fortune!
 #1873412  by Arran
 Sun Apr 06, 2008 2:12 pm
Very smart mate! :thumbup:
 #1878226  by sephgreen
 Fri Apr 11, 2008 1:52 pm
Cheers for your comments. Hopefully I'll get to a few shows this year so you can see it in the flesh! Although I am already planning what to do next, so things may change!!

 #1904492  by dazcob
 Tue May 13, 2008 6:47 pm
This install kicks ass... I so need to get myself a JL install... i've always settled for second best with Infinity... This car is going to be different....

I know it wont be a true reflection but what are the chances of you posting a video clip of your system pumping out the tunes??? :-D
 #1904849  by sephgreen
 Wed May 14, 2008 7:20 am
Glad you like the install! I'm not sure how to post videos up and you are right it would not be a true reflection of the quality. You are always welcome to meet up and have a listen over a few beers.

Regards Seph
 #2770489  by sephgreen
 Wed Nov 24, 2010 4:24 pm
Been a while since updating this thread, and I am now thinking of selling this install on, I am unsure whether to sell it all seperatly or as is. (I could even keep the ICE ready to put into my next project and just sell the 7 piece box)

What should I do? Any thoughts?

Cheers Seph
 #3282228  by sephgreen
 Sun Apr 01, 2012 9:44 am
Unfortunatly my mind has been made up, after trying to hang on to the beats for as long as possible, the time has come to move on.....and grow up! I have now removed the boot install and putting the car back to standard. So I guess I will be getting rid of the 7 piece boot install (Maybe even the JL Audio gear too)

Now need a larger car as "aparently" the back seat is no longer a good place to put the push-chair, shopping and my 6 month old son.

PM me your thoughts?

Cheers Seph
 #3282230  by mjhamilton
 Sun Apr 01, 2012 9:46 am
Volvo estate
 #3855897  by sephgreen
 Wed May 11, 2016 9:11 am
Not been on here in a while, the EP3 is sadly long since gone, however I still have this boot install. It's taking up space in the loft. The components are being used on another project but the rest of the install is still all there. Is anyone interested in this??
 #3855910  by w6ady
 Wed May 11, 2016 11:38 am
How much would you be after? So you have the full boot build, 2 amps, wiring and sub?
 #3855921  by sephgreen
 Wed May 11, 2016 1:50 pm
No it's just for the box, wings, floor pieces and twin stitched top. The wings could be reworked for whatever amps you want. The box takes a 12" sub. Really don't know what it's worth but feel free to make me an offer. Cheers
 #3866566  by sephgreen
 Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:53 am
Haven't been on here in ages, was up in the loft the other day and realised that I still have this box. Would anyone be interested in buying it?

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