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Anything sound related, got any tips, post 'em here.
 #3865369  by kash1
 Sat Nov 04, 2017 7:11 pm
Hi guys, back in an EP3 again

Having slight issues with the stereo wiring, it seems someone had all sorts set up, wiring for amp, speakers etc. Am trying to connect a stereo however, am having trouble.

When I connect my harness to the standard blue connector, nothing, the stereo has power but no sound.

There are another two connectors pictured below. I think someone has spliced into this and fitted another connector to work in their stereo at the time. The larger one fits into the standard blue connector from the harness. However, I can’t figure out where that connector wiring goes to?

Just wonder if anyone had any idea what type of stereo the smaller connector would fit into? It won’t work in a Sony.

Thanks in advance


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