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Author: dieselpower

Here’s my ‘How To’ guide on replacing the front brake pads. It is a fairly easy job (takes me 10-15 mins per side) but if you don’t know what you are doing leave it to your Honda dealer!! The braking system is a vital part of the car so if in doubt don’t do it!

Tools Required


Alloy wheel lock nut key
19mm wheel brace
12mm socket and ratchet handle
19mm open ended spanner
8mm open ended spanner (not essential)
Trolley jack, axel stands and a piece of 4×2
Copper grease
Brake calliper rewind tool (not essential)
A piece of rope/string/cord
New brake pads

Step 1

Slacken wheel nuts on both wheels

Place piece of 4×2 behind rear wheels
Ensure handbrake is tightly on

Step 2

Locate jack under jacking point behind front bumper
Raise the car

Place axel stands under side jacking point and slowly lower car onto stands

Step 3

Remove road wheel and store safely

Remove brake fluid hose retaining bolt

Remove bottom calliper bolt. If bolt spins use 19mm spanner to hold nut on next to rubber boot

Rotate calliper up and tie to suspension securely making sure not to strain fluid hose

Step 4

Slide old pads out of calliper. An 8mm open ended spanner can be used to help ease the pads out. Take care not to damage the disc

Remove the metal shims for the pads. There are two on one pad and one on the other. Clean these with an old rag

Step 5

Push piston fully into calliper. If you don’t have a rewind tool you can use a G-clamp or with a lot of force push the piston with your hands. Make sure to support the back of the calliper as not to damage it


Step 6

Add an even coat of copper grease to the back of the new pads

Refit the metal shims adding an even coat of copper grease to each shim
Make sure to get no grease on the friction material or brake disc

Fit new pads into calliper

Untie rope and lower calliper over the new pads

Step 7

Replace 12mm bolt into calliper and tighten

Replace 12mm bolt into fluid hose bracket and tighten
Replace road wheel and gently tighten wheel nuts

Step 8

Repeat steps 1 to 7 for other side of car

Step 9

Raise car slightly and remove axel stands
Slowly car to the ground
Torque wheel nuts to correct level

Step 10

Check brake fluid level in reservoir and ensure it’s between min and max.
Replace reservoir cap
Pump brake pedal until pedal feels firm again

Step 11

Clean hands and make cup of tea
Admire your handy work! :D

Step 12

Roadtest the car to ensure everything is ok. Make sure to follow bedding-in instructions supplied with the pads. Applying full braking force to new pads can damage and warp your discs.