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Author: LeeH


Face lift CTR HID H1 Conversion.

Due to the H1 lamps in the facelift model but H4 retaining spring on the back of the projectors, fitting is not a straight forward plug and play. So please read on.

What is required?

1. Conversion kit available from http://www.hids4u.co.uk/
The guy is called Ian was the best by far of a few companies I contacted. As it worked out he has sold some kits through Mr Bilko via a group buy.

2. A dremmel type tool.
I bought one from ebay for £20

3. Hotmelt glue gun.
Again around £20.

4. Basic hand tools – Small flat head screwdriver and pliers.

5. Stick Velcro pads.

6. Spare set of H1 –H4 plastic adapters from Honda as there is no going back. £20

STEP 1 – Lamp Removal.
Take out old lamp and adapters keeping the old lamps safe in the car with the new adapters for back ups. Do not touch the glass.

STEP 2 – Adapter Mod.
Using a very small screwdriver GENTLY prise the resin and lugs away on the pins on the back of the adapter and pull out.

This is a little tricky but they do come.


STEP 3 – The Tricky Bit.
Using the Dremmel type tool use the thin cutting blade and file out the remaining plastic in the adapter. Mind those fingers!!



STEP 4 – The Vital Bit.
Cut off the rubber grommet and feed in the HID lamp in place.
At this point I will point out the orientation of the lamp is VITAL. Please note is slightly turned to the left.

***Without the correct orientation you will find it difficult to fit into the projector later.***




***** the position of the lamp is INCORRECT in this picture and should be the same angle but turned to THE LEFT*****

STEP 4 – Glue Time.

Hotmelt glue in place without gluing up the lamp. Do this but putting a blob of glue under the lip of the lamp and pressing back down FLAT.

Also glue the rear to stop any other movement.



STEP 5 – The Easy Bit.
Mount the ballast in the engine bay. The only place I could see to put them was near the front shockers.

I secured mine with self adhesive Velcro. WHY? Because I wasn’t sure about drilling through there. I will consult my best bud when I see him next, he’s a mechanic.

This will also allow quick removal if you are like me and clean your engine bay down as the ballasts in this lower are not 100% water proof. Ian does sell a better kit but at a price.



STEP 6 – Fitting Lamps
With the thin brown tube on the lamp facing up GENTLY fit and retain the clip. The one behind the washer bottle is a right slag to do but not impossible.

STEP 7 – Wiring Loom.
Plug in all the wiring. This is as simple as it sounds.

Make sure you get the polarity correct. The red wire on the Honda loom is +ve.

STEP 8 – The Best Bit.
Turn on your new lights and show off to all your mates.


****The colour of the HID lamp here is no way near to what it is in the flesh. This is way bluer*****

I chose the 8K lamps for a Bluer look. IMO I made the right choice they look the nuts with out sacrificing too much light output.

Any questions please post them here to help others.