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Author: gringosteve

I am about to embark on a DIY full stereo install, so decided to try and read as many guides on the subject as possible.

I found loads of fragmented bits of information, and decided it might be worth cobbling it all together into a single document which can evolve ino the Mother of all ICE guides.

So far I have nicked guides and pics from the following people (Please shout if you take offence). These are the people that made the guide possible..I just stuck it all together in a neat order.

I will add to this as i do my own project though…

The following people have had their stuff used in this guide:

Jon C
College Hills Honda

There is a chunk of info still missing, but im sure people will be able to help

1) How to take the plastic interior sill piece apart for the amp wires to go down

2) How to construct a decent tweeter mount behind the wing mirror

3) Better info on disconecting the door handle cables

4) Fitting ISO adapter and facia apapter

So if you have any info you wish to be added please PM me… and I will add it in.

Hope this helps people?



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