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Sullivan, 26 year old and I am french.

I would like to talk you about my car.


When I bought it, I had just brake discs GrN.


My setup:
- Injen CAI SP1576P 3"
- Flowstack
- K&N 6"
- RSP with Flowstack Inside
- Tegiwa gasket
- Invidia RH
- Invidia G200 Catback
- K100. By Shunjy E85: 249ch. 256nm
- Energy SBk Engine Support
- BAR Ultra Racing (front)
- Brake discs GrN
- Carbone Lorraine RC5 (front)
- Ferodo DS2500 (rear)
- Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta 215/40/17

My last map:


Ready to be installed:
- Clutch OEM
- Irridum Spark Plugs
- Hoses Brake Avia + RBF 600
- Energy Suspension . Front Control Arm Bushings
- Powerflex . Gearbox Mount Insert
- Manometer . Zenky (Oil pressure - Oil temperature - Water temperature)

Comming soon to 2014:
- Coilover Tein Street Advance
- Coilover Buddy Club N+

Being planned:
- JDM Rear Anti Roll BAR


I know my english isn't perfect so I thank you to excuse me for faults

Hope to read you and share with you !!!
Thank everybody :-D
jonezy wrote:Goody looking car buddy.

What inlet mani and cams you using to make 250hp at the wheels? That like. 300-320hp at the fly

For my last map, this score is possible with my RSP manifold with "flowstack" inside.

A friend worked on the tubes (or pipe) inside the RSP manifold and made new tubes (or pipe)

I think a photo will be more clear for describe my sentence. ;)



Hi everybody,
Sorry, I couldn't answer before because now I'm in Dublin for 6 month, far to my EP3 ...

For my setup, it's really new and of course my EP works with E85 (0.70cts/litres ^^) , so you can see by yourself ;)

Thank everybody ;)

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